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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Buttons Buttons Buttons! *GiveAway*

I would like you to meet Elvira. She is one of our fabulous merchants here at the Vintage Corner. She has a space that has so many buttons all packed up and ready for whatever your button desires are, crafting, collecting, re-purposing or simply just because.

Elvira started collecting buttons in the late 1980's for button bracelet gifts. She started to look more closly at the older ones and saw the "art ' that was put into them.

Her sister found a 'button club' and she joined a local, state and the National Button Society. Lots of information and learning different types and how they were made. History is a great learning tool for those with aging minds! There are also many button learning books available. The best is to try to go to a show where you see spectacular buttons on competition trays and lots for sale. You can learn more at and locate local groups.

Elvira has thousands of buttons from 1800's to present day ones.She has many favorites, shell, cut steels, lacy glass types and just what tugs at her soul. So many in fact, that she also sells on under abandc.

Elvira says "I love the 'Vintage Corner'. It has old, newer and re-purposed items. Home decor, art jewelry, furniture....a great mixture to catch the eye. Things are always changing and there are new and different things all the time. So many talented sellers! It is a great gift shop for unusual and fun items. Hope you stop by soon."

Elvira is so generous, she is having a GIVEAWAY. Leave a comment below and you will be entered to WIN this treasure. Just look at the grouping she has put together! Thanks Elvira!

Give Away     GIVE-AWAY!!!   Give Away   

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

New Products and We Have A Winner!!

We are super excited to have some new products in the shop. It seems to be a daily occurrence.

With over 25 vendors, our inventory is ever changing eye candy. We decided to have some of that new product be the object of our give-away.

We started off the blog with a give-away announcement and here is the winner:
 Meri from
Congratulations!! I will contact you for your mailing information.
We hope you enjoy the handmade little dress and purse card. Don't you just love the little shoe on the envelope? They are perfect for dropping a note to a friend, thank yous, invitations, or really anything.
These are in the shop now if you just need to get your own set.. We mail anywhere.
Stay tuned for more fun, games and goodies!!

Friday, May 13, 2011

Give It Away, That's what They say!!!

Hi and welcome again. Did you realize it was Friday the 13th???
Well now everyone should know trouble brews on that specific day. I came to my trusty blog this morning to see who may have visited during the evening hours and wouldn't you know there was no blog. Well, after mush ado... WE ARE UP AND RUNNING AGAIN. SO TO CELEBRATE, WE ARE HOSTING A 'giveaway'
All you need to do is leave a comment below and on Monday am we wlll pick one lucky winner. Stay tuned to see who it is.....

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Welcome Everyone!!

Welcome to the first in a series of postings to our New Blog, Vintage Corner.

We are a new shop in San Juan Bautista California with 25 merchants and growing. 

We offer Vintage Inspired,  handcrafted, upcycled, repurposed items 
to decorate yourself, your home or give as a gift. 

Vintage Corner will soon be teaching classes taught by our wonderful shop owners. 

We will be featuring a new artisan each week with an in depth interview and lots of pictures, 
check back often and remember, WE LOVE COMMENTS!